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DEIF Rudder Angle Indicator RAI XL96, Tagefa
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Racal RA250 slimline handset watertight - RA250 / 9161, Simrad OP-50 wired remote controller - 000-12364-001, CYP HDMI Distribution Amplifier QU 210S, Electet Telephone Headset HS1, Transas SERIAL LINE SPLITTER HWC00002200, Ceag Pushbuttonbox GHG4118100R0001, Monacor special speaker 3W 4 Ohm - 13.0020, PSU TRIO-PS / 1AC / 12DC / 5, Autronica Smoke Detector BJH-33, Autronica Optical Smoke Detector BH-500 / EX, Boning Video Cross Bar AHD-VDCU 8/8, Eaton DILM Magnetic switch AC 18,5kw 40A - 109855, SMT STM Satlink 2900 modem - # 3217.0120 #, Veripos DGPS GNSS LD 3-G1 L-band complete, Schneider Electric TeSys D Contactor AC-3 / 440V / 38A LC1D38P7, ABB 100-250V50/60HZ-DC Contactor - AF80-30-00-13, ABB 68A 3-Pole 100-250V 50 / 60HZ-DC - AF65-30-00-13, DEIF Rudder Angle Indicator RAI XL96, Tagefa, Maretron BHW 100 high water bilge indicator, Raymarine Raynet to RJ45 adapter cable 10m - A80159, Raymarine Super HD Color Scanner - E52092, Raymarine Punch M2 Mini Tower Speaker - A80426, Raymarine Punch M2 Coax / Component Speaker - A80418, Raymarine Punch M2 Coax / Component Speaker - A80417, Raymarine Tacktick T905 retractable depth transducer - T905

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