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The Bayliner Marine Corp. was founded in 1955 but the name Bayliner actually exists a little longer. In this year J.Orin Edson bought the name and started his own production in runabouts. Previously, Edson had been a successful seller of this type of boat and had grown up in the sale of Mercury Marine engines. So successful that all too often through the entire production
Edson was sold. To guarantee continuity, Edson eventually became a producer. This has its advantages that to this day do not miss their effect. First of all there are the huge sales figures that indicate that Bayliner apparently flawlessly manages to turn the wishes of the general public into a boat that everyone wants. With a lot of power to be somewhere fast, safe and comfortable so you don't need a helmet which makes it fun for the whole family. Modern and sporty design without being overly aggressive, and an interior that can usually only be found one size larger. If this can also be offered for a price that makes the competition nervous, Bayliner's success over the years has been further explained. The concept is also well received in the Netherlands. For many, this name will be the first to emerge if a speedboat brand is to be mentioned. Not surprising of course, value for money fits well into the Dutch language after translation.

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Bayliner Victoria Sunrise, Bayliner Element, Bayliner, Bayliner Cuddy, Bayliner Capri, Bayliner Sierra Sunbridge, Bayliner Bayliner, Bayliner Ciera Sunbridge, Bayliner Cuddy Outboard, Bayliner Discovery, Bayliner Sunbridge, Bayliner Capri Cuddy, Bayliner Ciera, Bayliner Fly

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Symbol Edership Marubeni 51
Bj 1996 | Dim. 16 m |
€ 169.000, -
Roughneck 636
Bj 2011 | Dim. 6.36 m |
€ 29.000, -
Interboat 25 Cabin
Bj 2002 | Dim. 7.90 m |
€ 47.500, -


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